My Current Favorites K-Show (Music Show)

If you’re following My Facebook since along time, you know that I am one of Korean Addicted Fan. I watched alot of Korean Variety-Show, from music category to sport category, cause I never watched our Indonesia’s broadcasting channel again since years ago.

There are alot of show that I watch, so I divide them to 2 categories, Music and Sport-like show. In this post, I would like to share my currently favorite shows in Music category.

My journey of watching Music show start since I watch Immortal Song 2 : Singing The Legend. I watched this show through a website called daebaksub (they are now closed down). The show is actually a music competition show between Korean singers where they sing legendary songs, I remember watching their early episode with IU, Hyorin, Kyuhyun, Changmin etc.

Immortal Song 2 : Singing the Legend

Today, since KBS World has an account in Youtube, you can watch Immortal Song 2 (IS2) with english subtitle easily, you only need to subscribe to their channel and everyday you’ll get notification about their shows. I used to love this show alot, I watch IS2 like everytime they had a subtitle (though I knew nothing about the legends). And I witnessed the discovery of current well known singer (who used to be underrated one) through this show, like ALi, Moon Myung Jin, Song Seung Yon, etc. But now I dont watch them unless my fave singer is on the show. Hehehe.

Okay cut the long introduction. Here are my currently faves music show :

1. Two Yoo Project : Sugarman

If you enjoy watching ‘Runningman’ then you must know Yoo Jae Sook, he is South Korea’s MC, with Nation Tittle in his name – Nation MC. In this show, he is paired with Yoo Hui Yeol (known for being ‘Sketchbook’ Music Show MC) to host a show called Sugarman.

Two Yoo Project : Sugarman

This show is a competition between team Jae Sook and team Hui Yeol where the two MC bring 2 Sugarmen and 2 Showmen. Sugarmen are famous singers from past, but currently unknown since they disbanded their self / band early (they only work as singers for short amout of time, probably less than 10years). While Showmen are currently well known singers, usually members of girl/boy bands or soloist.

I love this show alot, partly because am a fan of Yoo Jae Sook hahaha. But not only that, this show is really great, cause they bring back the audience to the old time being nostalgic. And also they give the Sugarmen a chance to perform their old hit songs and meet their fans (which they will never be able to since they’re already disband)

(My favorite song on the show)

Sadly, this show is wrapped up with 40 episodes. I’ve just finished the 38 episode couple of days ago. So sad 😭😭

2. Fantastic Duo

Fantastic Duo is actually a new show, till today it has only aired for 13 episodes. And I love all the episodes! Hahaha.

This show concept is they will invite 3 singers, and the 3 singers will choose one of their fan who already join the audition through a singing application like Smule, and sing a duet. The 3 pairs of singer-fan duet will have to compete each other to find the winner. The winner of every episode will be crown as King, get $1000 and have their collaboration release! Wooaah what a show!

If you have a dream of being a singer, this show can help you in achieving your dream. Through this show, we discover alot of potential singers. And you can see a beautiful duet between a singer and their fan. So far, all the duets are really good. One of my fave is Vibe’s duet, but it is so hard to search the video in youtube. Here is a duet between Bigbang’s Taeyang with his fan :

(This video has been viewed for more 12 million times, OMG)

3. King of Masked Singer

Just like the tittle of the show, this show is a competition between masked-singers. This show asked their audience and the panelist to guess who’s the singer behind the mask. Some singers join the show to test their popularity. Do the audiences recognise their voice if they wear masked?

This show also used by non-singer contestant (like actors or comedians) to show off their singing ability.

(Super Junior’s KyuHyun on King of Masked Singer)

4. Show Me The Money Season 5

Show Me The Money (SMTM) is actually the only audition program that’s mention in this post. The other programs are all a competition of an already singer-contestant. SMTM is a rapper audition program airing in Mnet Channel. Yes, RAPPER, hip-hop star. I watch this show especially Season 5, because in this season the show had their first America audition. Yes, they search for contestant in LA. Moreover, this season had Dok2 and The Quiett (Illionaire Team) as one of their producer.

I love Korean Hip-hop, cause they focus on their lyrics. Though on the show you’ll see the contestant dissing each other. But if you look closely to the lyrics of the official song (song that released after every mission) they’re all good. I also love the beat. In this season I put my support to BeWhy – team AOMG. Here’is his song :


I cant find any video of this song with english subtitle on Youtube, if you are interested to know the lyrics visit Khiphop Subs fanpage on Facebook, and check episode 8.


Okaayy, that was all my current faves Music show. I love watching to Korean Music Show cause they were all on competition format, so I get thrilled when I watch them. Hope this post help you in choosing your first Kshow ! 😀


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